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this year, applebee's is treating veterans and active duty military to a free meal on veterans day. it's become a tradition and their way of saying thanks on this special day. and where a simple thank you can mean so much. ♪ just as free join the movement and add your thanks at ♪ free as we'll ever be >> wanted for murder. tonight john mcphee the founder of santa clara base security software company is charged
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with murder. he tells wire magazine he's being framed and authorities in belize will kill him if he turns himself in. this is a bizarre story with facts still trickling in. here's what we know at the moment. the victim is a former california builder named gregory fall there is his picture. he filed a complaint against mcphee for firing guns and what he called rogue behavior according to the site here. they also say mcif he was arrested for unlicensed drug manufacturing and possession of unlicensed weapon in april. he was building a house there where he was working on developing herbal medicine but that was a cover for using hallucinogenic drugs. mcphee talked about his april arrest in a you tube video. >> 66-year-old man who would never expect 42 armed soldiers and police to storm into his property in riot gear. never happened. sure it will never
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happen again. in fact i have never had an incounter with the police on any negative level. >>reporter: he left mcphee in 1994 before it was sold to intel 2 years ago for more than 7 billion dollars. since then he started this company 2010 with operation in belize. the company is trying to produce commercial all natural antibiotics. now back in april mcphee was arrested there for unlicensed drug manufacturing. that's what he was talking about on the you tube video. charges were dropped. they claim he used drugs an was becoming increasingly with drawn from his friends. shortly before this murder. now in phone calls and e-mails to a are the rower from wired mcphee knows nothing about the shooting and that he may have been the intended target. he says he's hiding in belize and will not turn himself in. a lot of information developing on this. we'll continue to work on it for you and bring you more at 11:00 on 7 news over on channel 7. of course more here during the hour if it should happen. in the mean
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time only on abc 7 news tonigh tonight. 2 pedestrians who were struck by a car the night of the massive occupy protest in oakland last year are suing. they filed a federal civil rights suit against bart and oakland police. vick lee with exclusive details. >> abc 7 news has learned that the 2 pedestrians hit by a car during the oakland occupy strike a year ago are suing oakland police and bart in federal court. lawyers for lance and margaret say it has been a year since the incident but that neither bart nor oakland police acted on the case. they are suing the police department saying they violated their client first amendment rights by not responding to what they say was an attack on them. when they were supporting the protest. cell phone captured what happened on november $6 of last year. people were talking down broadway at 11. mercedes tried to cross the intersection. the car nudged lance who then banged on the hood. the driver
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hit his gas hitting him and the woman. bart police rae responded. angry crowd wanted an arrest. instead the officers released the driver which further aggravated the crowd. bart police say they took the driver information down and gave it to oakland police. lawyers for the 2 victims say they don't know of any witnesses that were contacted t.they tell us this neither the da nor police officials have responded to their questions. we do know prosecutors won't be filing misdemeanor charges against the driver because statute of limitation expired a week ago. lawyers for the 2 don't expect felony charges to be filed either. vick lae, abc 7 news. palm springs police say they shot and killed a south bay marine because he tried to run one of them down in a car. 22-year-old corporal allen of san jose was killed early saturday morning. when officers arrived on bike they
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say the man and friend started yelling derogatory comments at them. they told him to turn off his car. he refused. one officer reached through the passenger side window trying to turn the car off. they say that he then tried to run over the other officer. between the two cops they fired 8 shots in the car. places recovered a stolen phone and atm card from the man. he was just two months away from fishing his 4 year enlistment in the marine corps including tour in afghanistan. he nroond go on to college. his aunt started facebook memorial page and says the family in palm springs looking for answer noose what happened and why. many well people hoping to avoid losing their homes to foreclosure look for answer today's at workshop in downtown oakland. hundreds of people received the latest foreclosure prevention information directly from banks as well as non-profit and municipal agencies. one of the programs generating interest was root short for rebuilding ownership opportunities together. the program buys homes from lenders
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then says them back to the homeowners. all in app effort to keep people in their homes. >> find that keeping individuals in their homes stabilizes the community. it allows them to continue to have ties to the market. you don't have homes that are vacant. that causes blight. that reduces the value of that homeowner who is still in their home next door. >> root is run by the city of locate and and based on a successful program developed by the city of boston. >> the nation is observing veterans day today and dozens of homeless vets are celebrating the best gift ever. many get off the streets out of shelters and into permanent supportive housing. carolyn tyler has the story. >> this renovated building south of market offers the first housing of its kind in san francisco in more than a decade. >> bruce cramer can't wait to move in. >> get a place to settle down. start my whole life back over
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again. ty didn't expect to have to do. kind of a long road. >>reporter: cramer is a navy vet who served in the vietnam war. he has been homeless off and on for years. with a bad back and other challenges life has been dion the streets and in shelters. now he is slateed to become one of 75 military veterans who will move that brand new studio apartments with on site supportive services. including a medical cling. average age of the residents is 60. all have been chronically homeless and all have disabilities. >> this gives them a safe place to be even if they are in a shelter or in emergency housing and l in the tenderloin or something they are very vulnerable to predator. vulnerable to if you name it. anything out there. so here they will be safe. >>reporter: place is called veteran commons and it was developed by the veterans organization and the china town
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community development center. about 30 million dollars in local state and federal money as well as private donations paid for the project. ronald jones believes being with other veterans will offer a built-in support system te as he battles to stay clean and sober. >> i can relate to other vets because we have been through a lot of the same things. >>reporter: va administration estimates there are 1500 homeless vets in san francisco. 400 of them applied for the 75 of slots of new housing. in the newsroom, 7 news. chevron found a way to get around costly clean air requirements at the richmond refinery. plant was damaged in august by a fire that sent a huge black cloud into the air. several thousand people sought medical attention as you may recall. but chevron has told the bay area air quality management district it intends to repair but not replace the damaged unit. that means they will not be required to install new air pollution equipment though chevron says it will
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voluntarily reduce many emissions. >> busy night on this monday as you can tell. fbi who launched the investigation into the general david petraeus finds himself under scrutiny tonight. and it is because of what he sent to this woman. jill kell kelly. the suburban housewife getting those threatening e-mails. >> more new question being raised about the petraeus affair. what did the cia director mistress no and when did she know it? >>reporter: minor warm-up is on the way but continue put away the umbrella yet. full look at the accu-weather 7 day fork is coming up. >> also in. the brawl that everyone is talking about. the penalty handed down late today after fist went flying between [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> breaking news in the east bay. director of port of oakland has stepped down. he has been on leave following allegations that his top aide spent 4500 dollars in public money at strip club in houston. benjamin head of the port since 2007. he has been in the post. he accepts responsibility for his actions he says and those who worked under his leadership. benjamin
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stepping down from his post at the port of oakland tonight. well new at 9. fbi searched the home of cia director david petraeus mistress this evening. they carried box from his paula broad well's north carolina home including photographs. petraeus resigned friday after he admitted to an affair. fbi wants to know if broadwell had access to any sensitive information or even hacked national security. they got suspicious after investigators found some information on one of her computers. petraeus says he did not tell broad wl anything confidential. he says anything she learned must have come from another commander during one of her research trips to afghanistan. but morris coming out tonight about paula broadwell. sharon tonight with what has been learned so far. >> classmates voted her most likely to be remembered. no one thought it would be for this. paula broadwell was exceptional. high school valedictorian. homecoming
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queen. westport cadette. later a graduate student at harvard. chance meeting with petraeus would change everything. c-span revealing she approached him about research she was doing. >> he was kind enough to indulge me and take the paper and give me his business card. >>reporter: that research led to a book and lateary book tou tour. >> paula broadwell irngs she was reportedly having an affair with petraeus at the same time she was out promoting her book about him. >> awesome or incredibly awesome. >> he can turn water into bottled water. >> what? >>reporter: then 40-year-old often admired for her bicep and brain had a push up contest with jon stewart. her husband joining in. . those book tour interview now being viewed and reviewed. on the web site here. >> it's not a hate biography. i know holly wife read it and she had great things to say. >>reporter: but high octane
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broadwell ran helping demonstrate this infomercial. >> on the individual spider reducing weight is critical. >>reporter: neighbors saw something else. loving mother. doting wife. >> she and her husband i observe had a really good, have affectionate relationship and it was often would you see them having with their kids candle light dinners. >>reporter: their boys ages 4 and 6. charlotte home now dark. >> neighbors say they haven't seen the family in a couple of days. it's believed the couple went to dc on friday to celebrate her birthday. same day that this story broke. this is abc news, new york. >> fivb was aware of the affair after another woman says broadwell warned her to stay away from petraeus. this is her leaving her home in florida today. jill kelly says she considers petraeus to be a
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grandfather to her children. however her relationship with the fbi agent who investigated broadwell is now being scut nisd. "wall street journal"reports he was removed from the case after he was obsessed with her. he even sent shirtless photo of himsel himself. kelly hadn't commented on her role in the scandal and ensuing investigation. these pictures by the way are of her leaving her home tonight. a lieutenant more to come obviously until weird story continues to develop. >> in the mean time let's move on to the weather forecast. lisa is sitting in for spencer tonight. >> hi. we have had just a beautiful day today. >> gorgeous cool but gorgeous. >> more to come. warming up. in fact 70's will be coming around parts of the bay area next couple days. here's the view from mount tam and still skies are nice and clear. we are looking at a little bit of a warm-up in the next several days. it is going to be pretty nice out there. but if hoping for rain we have that too. live doppler 7 hd writ now tv
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shows that all is clear and sweep on top of mount saint helena pick up very little in terms of clouds and we'll be lacking at couple systems offshore getting awfully close in the days ahead. look at the high pressure today. gilroy 70 degrees. 60 dew point. this is still below average but lack at the numbers. low to mid 60's. lots of sunshine. 63 in clover dale. 62 out in antioch and winds have been light. get another chilly night with few high clouds vichting news the next couple days. 55 in the city right now. 52 in fremont. 46 in santa rosa. 41 in napa. so numbers tonight are warmer than they have been compared to yesterday at this time and that's because the atmosphere is slowly warming up. that means nights cool. not frosty in the afternoon are warmer. 7 degrees warmer tl this evening half moon bay compared to yesterday and 6 degrees warmer in oakland. so few high clouds especially in the north bay
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maybe some fog towards morning otherwise warmer tomorrow and wednesday. we are looking at beautiful couple of days. if you like mild numbers above average then unsettled towards the end of the week. looks like the main rain will hold off until the weekend. over nature low 43 san rafael. 41 up in santa rosa. otherwise l mid 40's oakland. 49 in san francisco. so here's what's going on. high pressure building in to the eastern pacific and that is allowing for the fair weather and that warmer atmosphere. to the north we do have a weak frontal band that is going to fall apart and also next system to the west is tl here and will allow higher clouds from time to time but it will sit here. weaken. it's going to basically split and by the time it heads our way not much associated with it. it's another system that enhances it to bring us the rain by the end of the weekend. so between now and then we are talking about some minor changes. in fact by tomorrow look for the clouds in
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the forth bay otherwise beautiful afternoon with plenty of sunshine. numbers warming up. here's a lack at the numbers. 69 in campbell. sdmev sunnyvale. warmer than we should be for this time of year. upper 60's red wad city. san francisco coming in 5 degrees warmer tomorrow than we had today. 65 for high in the north bay 67 santa rosa. nearest bay lots of sunshine. 67 in oakland. 69 in fremont and head on inland winds light. beautiful day with mid 60's. 68 life more and down by the monterey bay. 70 for watso watsonville. more low 70's here. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. notice even milder tomorrow. that should be the mildest day of the week wednesday. thursday looks like effort north bay sonoma county should see a sprinkle. friday i think that system will stay offshore so these are small rain chances 20 or 30 percent but end of the weekend and this system warmer than the last on one. doesn't lack like a lot in the situation air 8. thanks very much. >> coming up. vehicle that
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gets the electric equivalent to 100 miles a gallon. up next. the no. 1 factor in buying a new car. >> and like pulling teeth. 71-year-old bay area dentist becomes the poster child for billion dollar debt problem all across the united states. stay across the united states. stay here with us. 7 news at 9 @
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>> now get the skate on in walnut creek. this is grand opening of the walnut creek on ice rink in civic park. we are one of the proud sponsors. rink is open through mid january and will offer free skating free this saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. fun for the family. >> well when you go to buy a car there is one thing that is almost certain. fuel economy is a major deciding factor for
9:24 pm
97 percent of customers. that's according to study by ford. well now with new federal regulations and rising gas prices abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has look tonight at the changing face of american automobiles. >> i'm about to test drive the the energy. the first ford you can fill up and also plug in. plug in hybrid is a great in between in terms of both hybrid and full electric vehicle because you really have the capability to do both but you don't have the range limitatio limitation. >>reporter: with 20 mile range on battery or over 600 with the gas tank the car decides which were to use. >> rate now i can flooring the pedal to use gas. did you notice the difference. >> gas kick in. >> or push button to go all electric. 30,000 dollars claims the car pays for itself by getting the electric equivalent of 100 miles per gallon. >> first to brick the million stone. centennial mail stone.
9:25 pm
of. >>reporter: electric cars nothing new for ford. in 1914 henry ford and firestone posed with edison trying to bring the first electric car to market but couldn't build a good enough battery. in 2000 tried again with the all electric ca car. sales slow and they pulled the plug after two year years. but now thinks they are finally ready. >> 60 percent of the consumer come into our showroom are considering hybrid and now maybe more remarkably 1 in 4 of the customers considering a plug in hybrid. >>reporter: the mobile app monitor charging remotely even send awe text if the car is unplugged what we see is convergence of technology. foreign is part of the ownership experience of a vehicle. >>reporter: smart phone integrate is a big deal for ford ford competitor general motors they make the involvement folks on a budget general motors is trying something a little different. little describes the chevy spark. so-called city car that gets 38 miles gallon the gas
9:26 pm
engine or around 13,000 dollars. even at that price it has the touch screen designed with one audience in mine. >> young urban item. so customers having the first new job. buying the first place. purchasing their first new vehicle. >>reporter: keep the price down gm left out a lot of the fancy electronic this uses the smart phone as the brain. >> all of this is working off the smart phone. the minute i unplug my phone l it's no longer going to be displayed on the screen. >>reporter: all electric spark is due out next year. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> well still coming up tonight on 7 news at 9:00. we show you some of the latest technology to arrive in silicon valley. gunman style. >> plus i'm in sacramento. the correction department is considering dropping the arrest warrant of thousands of non-violent california parolee. it's a move that infuriates crime victim groups. fichlt
9:27 pm
that is bleep. these guys just tried to kill each other. >> divided drivers. tonight a scene that looked like a hockey brawl more than a nascar race. punishment for a bay area native;x ♪
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♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. sz. >> nascar race that turned into a brawl. late today 4 time nascar champion vallejo native jeff gordon fined 100,000 dollars and docked 25 points for deliberately wrecking clint boyer at phoenix international race weigh. he was also placed on probation through december 31. more on the road rage at nascar tonight from david wright. >> mayhem in the late lap. >>reporter: intentional
9:31 pm
accident at more than 100 miles an hour. move so controversial it all ended up in a brawl. >> somewhere in the middle of that is jeff gordon. >>reporter: look again. watch the no. 24 car jeff gordon slowing down and deliberately pushing the no. 15 car driven by clint boyer into the wall. wrecking boy's car and his chances. other drivers are outraged. >> retaliation is out of control in this sport. it's going to get somebody hurt. >>reporter: fans are debating on twitter. respect for gordon thatsn't exist any more said one. another said jeff we are behind you 100 percent. these two drivers a bitter end to season long feud. >> run into me numerous times. i have had it. pretty embarrassing. 4 time champion. the. >>reporter: man at the center of the incidents one of the sports most popular stars. the only nascar driver ever to host "saturday night live". >> every time i get in the car there's a chance could i crash
9:32 pm
and burn in front of millions of people. i guess i am prepared for this show. >>reporter: jeff gordon even guest starred on sesame street. not the guy would you expect to be out settling scores. nascar they have a phrase for this kind of driving. have at it boys. when cars are whipping around these track more than 200 miles an hour it can be most dangerous game. >> this is kind of a new nascar to where they have told the drivers kind of have at it and you settle things among yourselves. >>reporter: so what is next for gordon? late today nascar fined him 10 100,000 dollars. david writd abc news los angeles. >> tonight state prison officials are in the process of dr. matcly reducing the number of parolee they are looking to rearrest because of parole violation. it will save california a lot of money but ascap total correspondent annette explains, at what cost to public safety? >>reporter: this week the california department of corrections will begin reviewing the files of more than 9,000 parole violators
9:33 pm
outstanding warrants for their arrest. typically when inpatriots are rae leased from state prison they are required to report to a parole officer for a few years. when they don't check in or disappear, an arrest warrant is issued. it's too early to tell but the review could lead to thousands of non-violent offenders have having the warrant dropped and consequently released from state supervision. on the surface the move is being applauded by the american civil liberties union. >> california still lives on fiscal cliff and these are dollars that can be better spent on education or social services. got to get smart on crime. focus on cost effective proposals that will continue to keep our society safe. >>reporter: process is expected to take eight months. weeding out cases that are years old or deleting parolee no one is lacking for. convicted sex offenders not eligible to have the warrants removed. the response to hand over next july when county courts will take over parole revocation cases. this is an
9:34 pm
opportunity to reduce the local case load and focus on those who do pose a threat to societ society. >> exactly getting them off the hook. >>reporter: crime victim groups are livid. saying no such thing as non-violent state state patrole. >> not violent in california is a very narrow category. we need to understand even domestic violence voluntary manslaughter, child abuse, elder abuse doesn't qualify as violence. >>reporter: critic also point out eliminating the warrant takes away an important law enforcement tool that allows officers to search parolee at any time. once the rae view is complete corrections may look at the outstanding warrants against parolee who have committed serious and violent crimes. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> well moving on. imagine having to pay off the student loans with your social security benefits. that's the nightmare more and more older americans are facing now as growing number of parents take on their kids student loans. according to data compiled by the "new
9:35 pm
york times"student loan debt is growing the most quickly among those age 60 and older. more than two million seniors hold student loan debt. they owe average 19,000 plus dollars in student loans. that totals more than 43 vl billion dollar dollars. dentist who works at vacaville state prison represents another angle to the same problem. he is 71 years old and can't retire because he is still trying to pay off his student loans. he borrowed 50,000 dollars during the 19 yichlts ignored notices of payment. and now he owes half million dollars because of penalty and interest. he knows he made some wrong decisions here but he is not the only one. student loan debt is now over 1 trillion i don't know dollars. as for this man, he expects to work until he dies. >> well as the u.s. economy continues to climb its way back ever so slowly tonight silicon valley turns to south korea to help. effort that could be a win-win. 7 news business
9:36 pm
technology reporter david lieu attended match making event in santa clara today. >> technology key driver of the south korean economy making up 40 percent of the trade. without the component it makes americans might not have smart phones or high def tv monitor. >> i think it's sort of under celebrated fact but korean technology pervades the homes in pockets of most americans. >>reporter: 43 trade agreement signed last march is already paving the way for more investment and partnership between silicon valley and korea a.500 korean company show off their latest technology in a two day conference in santa cl. he developed leading technology institute. california tech firms see korea as partner who can help them develop and refine the technology for global sale. he sold his company makes wireless systems for the energy industry. >> korea is great. and in0vaivt and track record. u.s. company lake qualcomm, teaming with large company like
9:37 pm
lg and samsung being the launch pad and spring board for the rest of the world. >>reporter: electronic giant in korea but engaged in legal battle with apple over patent. the deputy korea knowledge economy reluctant to answer my question whether legal dispute will hurt effort to promote stronger tie. >>. they can help each other and cooperate more and more. >>reporter: through his interpreter the deputy minister says korea has ambitious goals. >> we want to promote more bigger exchanges investment and ideas and technology. >>reporter: the free trade agreement with korea calls for job creation as one of the goals. 30 korean own company hold a job fair here tomorrow as part of the conference. in santa clara, david lou abc 7 news. >> bay area holiday food drive kicked off today with very familiar sight. big triple a
9:38 pm
tow truck pulled up to san francisco live memorial church this morning and dropped off boxes full of turkeys. 600 of them. donation will good long way to feed the 5000 people expected to be there this thanksgiving day. they visit 25 charity over the next few days and donating 8 tons of turkeys. >> second harvest food bank of santa clara and san mateo county need turkey so local pantry and soup kitchen can provide traditional thanksgiving meal for the holiday. 12,000 turkey is the goal. speak to the need. second harvest still needs almost 8,000 in order to reach that goal. i'm sorry 6000 i should say. so halfway there. turkey can be dropped off at the food bank center in san jose and bing center in san carlos. second harvest sentenced hours to make donating easier. we ever the time on our web site under see it on tv. >> while you are at this site mention this. find information
9:39 pm
on our share your holiday food drive coming on december 12. big annual effort we make during the holidays. we love to do it. news team broadcasting live from around the bay area taking your donations for local food banks. for information and location nearest you go to our web site slash community. all right still to come tonight. assignment 7. off road rides and
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about the. >> more than 4 decades ago money was set aside for off highway vehicles and preserving places for their use. but since california money troubles began the state has been tapping into that fund. and in
9:43 pm
tonight aassignment 7 report it left many off roaders feeling fast they have been left in the dust. met california off highway vehicle park one of the most popular recreation areas in santa clara county. every year thousands of people come here to ride the trails. but because of state wide budget cuts, millions of dollars designated to run off road par parks like this one are in jeopardy. >> we have been pretty fortunate in receiving the fund that go we have asked for. if it gets reduced we will have to look at various options you know funding strategy to keep the park open. >>reporter: early 70's users of off highway vehicles or o hv helped to create a a savings account for future park. they created a trust. paid for by registration fees on off road vehicles and taxes on gasoline. >> you buy gas. you pay taxes on the gas, the taxes come back to the program to maintain the roads and trails that you are wreck ateing on.
9:44 pm
>>reporter: he runs the state program a division of the state park system. over the years o hv trust has been a target because it is so well funded. it currently has 42 million dollars in its account. over the past 4 years the o hv department has loaned the state 123 million dollars with the promise that it would be paid back. >> last year was first time they diverted money this would have come that the program l and diverted to another locks. which means they don't have to pay the money back. >>reporter: some legislators argue the o hv trust is over funded. >> state park has to change the way it's done business. it's a different day. resources just aren't there that we could once count on. >>reporter: state senator co-author legislation that diverting money from the state o hv division to the general park fund to help save 70 state park from closing. >> we were able to did a fairly good job of holding most of the program together. 95 percent of the funding is not even at risk and remaining piv percent may or may not be there for the
9:45 pm
program during the course of the coming year. >>reporter: the legislation was saind by the governor giving the state park department the authority to use the money designated for off road park. >> they have taken the funds generated through o hv use through registration fee and done what they want to. >>reporter: as it turns ought the money went needed this year because other funding was found for the state parks. met california off roaders worry the saving account is being tapped to bailout the state financial crisis. >> i don't think they should even be able to touch the money and they just they just keep robbing from us and nobody wants to stand up for the motorcyclistth. >>reporter: if i don't balance my checkbook i can't go to my neighbor and take his money. >>reporter: county park department says it's committed to keeping met california open. >> there's no doubt in my mind that the park will remain open. just how we do that. >>reporter: you may remember that earlier this year the head of the state park department resigned over a 54 million dollar hidden surplus and
9:46 pm
happened at time when dozens of park were slated to close. more than half of that money has been set aside by the o hv division to manage land for off road vehicles. still to come tonight. little baby that has become an little baby that has become an on line star. i'll be @
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>> massachusetts baby has become an on line star. of she was diagnosed invitro with a rare heart defect underwent surgery at three months of age and family posted his picture. there he is. little joe on line. his uncle said my three-month old nephew just had open heart surgery. chick dig scars, right? what a sweet kid. now didn't take long before others started commenting and gone viral of course. there are a slew of
9:50 pm
tag lines including if chuck norris had a baby he would be almost at tough. look at sweet joe. doing okay. >> all right one last check on the weather. back to lisa. >> hi dan. hi everyone. if you enjoyed today you are going the like the next couple days. look at the satellite radar composite. we are mostly clear right now. numbers range from the lower 40's out by the delta to the 50's in oakland and notice the cloud cover to the north where most is going to stay but the tail end of the system may bring in few high clouds to the north bay tomorrow. so other than that we are warmer than average for the next couple days. how about 67 in sacramento. low 70's big surand lower 80's in los angeles. back home locally you can expect a high of 65 tomorrow downtown. 67 in oakland. upper 60's san jose. if you wanted some 70's they are here from salinas to holster. 69 in morgan hill and accu-weather 7 day forecast shows mild weather through the middle of the week then we cool
9:51 pm
off but looks like next weekend the end of the weekend we could see a significant rain system. so fog for everyone. >> thanks lisa very much. >> well, this isn't tough to hear. we are getting more stupid. professor at stanford said human beings have been dumping down for thousands office years and will grow dimmer down the road. advance in society made survival less stressful. that has led to mutation in the human brain and erosion in intellectual emotional xaichbility he says we probably peak as hunter gather when we were mostly non-verbal and stressed out. trying not to get eaten by wild animals. >> tive could i take a cheap shot. >> i think he's right. 5 was much smarter -- less verify bail am generally people around me say that's the way we like you. >> old line about that better to be thought stupid and say
9:52 pm
nothing than than proving it. larry is here. >> all right. latest on alec smith. when did he start feeling the concussion in the game with the ram and will he be able to go next monday jeans. sports. intelle
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>> coming up at 11:00. local virus if they succeed lives saved. effort to stay one step ahead of the next outbreak. >> also soda pop with a dieting difference. new cola that is promising to slim you down. those stories and more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us. larry here with all the sports. and alec smith. >> yes. get to his condition here. we think he's going to be okay. appears he's on track to be back as quarterback for the 49ers next game week from tonight against chicago. checked out by neurologist said to be feeling better after concussion in the kind of strange tie with the ram. hurt in the sec quarter yesterday we thought it was on this hit by joe but head coach harbaugh
9:56 pm
said alec was fine after that play but the vision blurry after quarterback sneak later on the drive. right there. smith hoping the vision would clear. it didn't. sew had to leave the game. now alec has to be cleared by independent neurologist before he can return to the field. 9ers were monitoring him during the game to make sure he was all right. >> our doctors were good. very pro active on that hit. they watched it on the monitor and alex didn't had no symptoms after that hit. he was cleared to play. and then timent appears that the quarterback sneak where he comes up and has blurred vision and that's when we the brought in the collin. medley. >>reporter: mopped night football veteran honored before the steeler chief game. something not seen all year
9:57 pm
from kansas city. an actual lead in game and first quarter touch down. charles. 12 yard out. chiefs up 7 nothing. late second quarter. amazing catch by mike wallace. scoop the ball in between his legs. ball never hits the ground. gathers it in. it's a touch down. tied 10-10 at the half. trouble for him. down he goes. injured right shoulder. left the game. over time. steeler defense wvl the pick of matt leading to pittsburgh field goal. go on to whip the game and improve to 6 and 3 beating the chiefs 16-13 kansas city now 1 and 8. world champion san francisco giants reportedly agreed to 3 year, 18 million dollar extension with reliever jair michlt he needs 16 perps in the regular season lefty he was liked out in the play offs. giants said they hoped to resign their free agent 1 down and 2 to go. all signs point
9:58 pm
to the lakers bringing back phil jackson. stunned even including jackson when they hired mike tony to take over as coach. former suns and knicks coach known for up tempo offense so not clear when he scan start coaching. interviewed over the phone. laker management hasn't said why they chose him over the champion jackson but figure that money and control of personnel probably had a lot to do with it. college hoop tonight. stanford hosting cal state fullerton at maple pavilion. randall leading the way for the cardinal. nice take on the baseline. 11 points in the first half. up 23-15. bryce stutter step. a little floater here. but fullerton leading in the second half 43-39. complete highlights at 9 and 11. tv words after brawl on phoenix yesterday. moments after the race ended jeff gordon vallejo native fined 100,000 dollars for starting all this when he
9:59 pm
deliberately crashed into clint boyer. boyer crew went after gordon side. ballots it out with the fists. strong words about the way gordon was driving out there. >> these guys just tried to kill each other. race hard and i get called [bleep] for racing hard. called with death wish and i see that and it pisses me off. i'm not yelling at you dave but it's beeping ridiculous. they should be ashamed. >> well brad. not mincing any words there did we beep words and then withdraw the word. >> mostly beeped. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news t.for all of us here, thanks so much for watching sure appreciate your time. next newscast is at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. of course always watch us on line at 7 see you on line at 7 see you in a little while.

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